Sophisticated and motivated, Mary brings a unique perspective to real estate that has evolved from both her career interests and her personal investment in residential properties in Manhattan, Long Island and Virginia. After providing research and consultation for Sotheby’s and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Mary has put her formal training in American design history to work by buying, selling, renovating, and decorating both historic and contemporary homes in Middleburg and Richmond.


Using her hands-on knowledge of interior design, Mary can help you maximize your sale price by suggesting modest changes to the property. She utilizes staging and other techniques to make your home look as polished and inviting as it can possibly be, both indoors and out. On the buy side, Mary can readily evaluate a property for its hidden potential. With her broad experience in design and renovations, she is well equipped to help you envision how you can live well almost anywhere at a price you can afford.


A native Virginian, Mary Munford Catlett was born and raised in Richmond, attended St. Catherine’s School, and graduated from the University of Virginia. She holds a Master of Arts in The History of Design and Curatorial Studies from The Parsons School of Design, in partnership with The Smithsonian National Design Museum.


After so many years in New York City, Mary and her family have enthusiastically embraced country life in Middleburg, where she has lived since 2005.  In her free time, Mary hunts with Piedmont Fox Hounds in Upperville, and enjoys wingshooting and sporting clays. Her children have attended The Hill School, Foxcroft School, EHS, University of Virginia and Georgetown University.